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Twelfth Night



" the golf-socks-wearing, drunken Don Knotts

take on Sir Andrew Aguecheek by John Zak, or

his interaction with Sir Toby Belch (William LeDent), who seeks every opportunity to catch

even a sip of drink, this is comedy choreographed like a ballet..."


April 22nd, 2016

Scott Wiser-



"William LeDent is a brash Sir Toby, at first only interested in drinking from the endless array of bottles secreted about his person; LeDent keeps his careless but funny attitude constant, but alludes to Sir Toby’s increasingly engaging with both the ingenuity needed to execute the prank and his admiration for the brassy Maria (Jenna Kuerzi) by slowly lowering the number of drinks he takes per scene. .....the production’s allusions to childhood give their pranks and unkindnesses an air of juvenile squabbling as opposed to systematic mistreatment."

Jennifer Kramer April 17, 2016

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William LeDent, Toby Belch



"William LeDent makes a stalwart Macduff..."

"the fights that are shown (staged with metal-clanging violence by Michael Cosenza and LeDent) are significant to the story."

Mark Cofta April 22, 2016Broad Street Review