Acting reels, trailers, and monologues

Taming of the Shrew (promo vid)
Role: Tranio
Promotional video from a live performance of
Taming of the Shrew by William Shakepeare
Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre,  Fall 2015


Acting Demo Reel
Bare Knuckle (trailer)

Role: Billy (lead)

             (& Fight Choreographer)

Trailer for feature length film BARE KNUCKLE

A Yellow Bowtie Production 2011


Ex-military turned bouncer gets tangled up with drug dealers, underground boxing and organized crime while trying to bail out his dead beat brother and law to protect his sister and neice. 


Classical Monolgues

A selection of classical and contemporary monolgues for theater auditions


Claudius from Hamlet

Toby Belch from Twelfth Night

Black Stache from Peter and the Starcatcher

American Titans: Rockefeller vs. Scott

Role: John D. Rockefeller (Lead)


Year of production: 2015

American Heroes Channel new series American Titans:

         Season 1, Episode 3, Rockefeller vs. Scott.

A crucial split would occur between two titans of American industry, John D. Rockefeller and Pennsylvania Railroad chief Thomas Scott, over pricing for the transportation of crude oil to refineries in Pittsburgh. |

Boat US


National Web Commercial

for the Boat US app.